Sustainability & SDGs

We strive for a sustainable society

The sustainable development goals that were set by the United Nations are our guiding principles regarding sustainability: we put them into practice on a daily basis.

The FAO has identified how the Sustainable Development Goals can be leading in reaching the right goals by 2030. At Protix, we actively support the SDGs, and have identified our own set of goals linking to the framework.

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The SDGs at work in the insect industry

Insects offer an entirely new opportunity in the global flow of proteins. Insect breeding has never before been considered a realistic source of proteins and other nutrients. Through the technologies developed by Protix and the commercial advancements made insects will become an increasingly important part of our food system and future in nutrition. Insect-based ingredients cover several SDGs at the same time.


Life Cycle Assessment

We take sustainability to a new high

DIL Life Cycle Assessment confirms Protix’s products have a considerably lower environmental footprint compared with common alternatives.

The analysis shows outstanding scores for four insect-based ingredients from Protix, which food, feed and fertilizer manufacturers can use to reduce their ecological footprint, while addressing demand for more sustainable nutrition.

The DIL study shows that land and water use, as well as CO2 emissions, are considerably lower for Protix’s insect-based ingredients than common ingredients such as soy protein concentrate, palm kernel oil or fish meal.

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