Less fishing for feed

ProteinX and LipidX:
Fishfeed ingredients for marine independent fish and seafood

The oceans are the reason why we call this the blue planet. Even though it is not our primary living space, we need to take care of it. We have been fishing too much and we should start taking care before it’s too late and we lose all marine biodiversity. A large part of humans are dependent on the seas to provide their primary source of proteins, but we also catch a lot for the purpose of feeding captive bred fish and other animals. The latter can be stopped!

Our Aquaculture ingredient line is specialized to create a marine-independent aquaculture industry.

Less land for food

ProteinX, LipidX, PureeX:
Fresh, natural feed ingredients for poultry. layers and pigs

As humans we have hunted and gathered our foods for millennia. This was too cumbersome so we became farmers. Subsequently with the meat-for-all visions we started to intensify those farming systems to a level that had profound impact in the way we used our planet’s resources. We even forgot to look at Nature in the way we feed our animals.

We bring Nature back to our beloved animals. We believe in a low-meat diet but the meat we consume should come from well-treated animals. Our ingredients are aimed to reestablish healthy, fresh and natural diets for our farmed animals.

Zero impact pets

ProteinX, LipidX, PureeX:
Desirable, fresh and natural ingredients for pets

Pets are part our lives and intrinsically connected to our physical and emotional wellbeing. They are an extension of our family and like ourselves, they deserve proper diets.

Our pet-line of fresh an natural products like protein meals, lipids and puree products is fresh, sustainable and will offer better livelihoods for both man and his best friend.