Sustainable insect protein

Insects are nature’s most powerful upcyclers and are the missing link in our food system. They can help create a circular food system and enable us to move from a resource depleting linear system of production.

Insects have the amazing ability to turn low-grade food waste into valuable high-end proteins and fats. We feed our insects a unique mix of grain-, fruit-, and vegetable leftovers from local sources. Circular, soy-free and locally produced and sold: insects have a low ecological footprint and are the perfect sustainable alternative to regular protein sources.

Sustainable development

Insects are the solution

Insect protein is the answer to many of the problems we face today. Conventional protein sources like soy and meat use up large amounts of land and water, and often have a severe impact on ecosystems. Think for example about the rainforests destroyed for the benefit of soy production

Insects are nature’s greatest upcyclers. They can turn fruit- and vegetable-waste into valuable body mass very fast and with a low impact on resources: one tonne of insect can be grown in fourteen days using a land area of only 20 square meters.

Impact on our ecosystems

Animal Welfare

We take great care and are aware of our responsibility to continuously improve animal welfare in all fields. We think all living creatures deserve proper nutrition and protection from bad practices.

Protix produces ingredients for feed and food for a broad range of creatures, ranging from chicken to shrimp and from pets to humans. In the production process, we make sure our larvae are well-cared for. We keep them at the right temperature, in the right conditions and make sure they get exactly what they need. When we supply ingredients to the petfood -, livestock -, and aquaculture space, we take great care and are aware of our responsibility in order to continuously improve animal welfare.

Animal wellfare statement