Our journey

Since we started in 2009, we have been dedicated to bringing the food system back into balance with nature. We will not rest until we have achieved this mission.

Having perfected our low-footprint ingredients and the technological and commercial models, we’re now expanding internationally. This allows us to bring healthy and sustainable nutrition on a much larger scale, creating a better world already today.

Of course, this can only happen in collaboration with our forward-thinking partners and strong and driven team, who all share the same values and goals. This is our call to all caring heroes, game-changers and innovators: join the future of food today.

Protix's leadership

Protix occupies a unique position in the insect sector. Our success story is one of unique experiences and industry firsts. We stand unrivalled in our capacity to deliver consistently premium quality insect ingredients on an industrial scale. Our determination to drive new legislation permitting the use of insect ingredients in food and feed has opened up major new markets. Our customer focus results in market leadership.

But the most important ingredient in our success is our people. At Protix, we all share the same passion and enthusiasm. And we’re quite prepared to ruffle a few feathers along the way in changing the industry for the better.

Our leadership team inspires us with infectious enthusiasm to restore the balance in nature with our sustainable ingredients.


Our values, our DNA

Like you, we care about our planet and its scarce resources. The values we have developed were shaped by our employees who can all be described as ‘caring gamechangers’. They are all about preserving precious resources for people today, for our families, and for our future generations. And about working in harmony with the natural way of the world.

It’s these values that guide us in our daily activities and inform our every decision. They are the foundation of our existence, and form our long-term competitive advantage.


Our values

A history of Innovation

Since its foundation in 2009, Protix has been leading the way in creating a sustainable food system by developing ingredients from insects. A mission we will continue to pursue.

From a lightbulb moment about the devastation caused by overfishing, Protix has now brought together the right combination of people, technology and commercial insights. We have the know-how to build up new facilities and commercial interactions and are on the verge of an exciting stage in bringing much-needed change to the global food and feed industry.

As well as leading the world in the technical aspects of insect production, the company has a strong track record in innovation and commercial market introductions. Protix has been awarded by the World Economic Forum with the Technology Pioneer award. In 2020 Protix was nominated as the fastest growing Dutch company with a social mission by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. Protix was recognised as the most innovative Dutch company, and won the Dutch Innovation award 2020.

Our History

A partnership mindset

Everybody who works with us - from customers, to partners, interns, consortia and enthusiasts - is part of the Protix inner circle. Working together is what makes us strong.

Forging key partnerships is crucial to Protix. With Hendrix Genetics, for example, we have initiated a multi-year breeding programme to develop the best insects for optimal growth and performance. This is just one of the strong collaborations that will help shape a better future.

Science is at the core of what we do and we have a strong focus on research and engineering to continuously further improve quality, controllability, efficiency and overall competitiveness. We are financially supported by the European fund for regional development: OPZuid.

Interested in collaborating with us on specific issues? Share your ideas and thoughts and join us in shaping the future of food today. Together, we’re a force for good!