Protix leadership and board

Our leadership is one of highly motivated people with a unique drive to excite our customers with our sustainable ingredients.



Our values, our DNA

The Protix values have emerged from our team and are a reflection of our culture. Ranging from ‘Excite our customers with insects’ all the way to ‘Care about mother Earth’.

Our values are our company’s core: a culmination of years of work and a bottom-up description of the employees’ motivations and team efforts. Our values are our DNA: they are the foundation of all we do and are our long-term competitive advantage.

Our values

Protix Journey

A history of Innovation

Since its foundation in 2009, Protix has become the leading insect ingredient company with a broad range of ingredients from the Black Soldier Fly.

In 2009, Kees Aarts and Tarique Arsiwalla founded Protix with the aim to contribute to a sustainable food system by developing ingredients from insects. The company has a strong track record in innovation and commercial market introductions. Through high-tech control systems, artificial intelligence, genetic improvement programs and robotics, Protix is able to produce consistently and at the right quality. Protix collaborates with global A-players, like Buhler and Hendrix Genetics.  Protix has been awarded by the World Economic Forum with the Technology Pioneer award. In 2020 Protix is nominated as the fastest growing Dutch company with a social mission by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. Recently Protix was recognized as the most innovative Dutch company and won the Dutch Innovation award 2020.

Our History


A partnership mindset

Everybody who is working with us is part of Protix. From customers, to partners, interns, consortia and enthusiasts. Working together is what makes us strong.

Protix has forged key partnerships over the last years. With Hendrix Genetics we have started a multi-year breeding program to develop the best insects for optimal growth and performance.  Several other partnerships have co-determined our future.

Interested in collaborating with us on specific subject matters? Please let us know your ideas and thoughts!