People are our assets and we continue to build our colony of ants. Eager, strong, intrinsically motivated and hard working.
Please check our vacancies and contact us directly if you feel you want and should be part of our cause and company.

Our vacancies

CAD Engineer

Job description

In the role of CAD engineer you will be part of the multidisciplinary engineering team of Protix. You will be responsible for creating and maintaining the site layouts for the future plants. Furthermore you will be designing, detailing and drawing equipment, needed for insect production.

Minimum experience / education qualifications

  • MBO’ mechanical engineering, with at least 5 years of experience
  • Or a BSc. degree in mechanical engineering mechanical engineering (or comparable)
  • Good written and oral communication skills in English
  • Knowledge of, and skill in 2D CAD (AutoCAD or Draftsight) and 3D CAD software (SolidWorks)
  • General computer literacy as MS Office

General Skills and qualifications

  • A general interest in nature and technology
  • No nine-to-five mentality
  • Hands on approach
  • Strong communicator

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HVAC Engineer

Job description

To maintain our lead in the insect industry we are looking to expand our knowledge in the understanding, design and control of our climate systems.

This includes analyzing the currently installed systems, proposing upgrades and developing new, more sustainable systems for current and future facilities. Sizing of heating and cooling equipment, sizing and layout of ducting, determining and optimizing airflows will be part of your daily job.

Optimal use of available resources and thereby reducing our footprint is one of the main goals of future facilities.

Minimum experience / education qualifications

• A BSc. or MSc. degree in Mechanical Engineering

• Experience in engineering of HVAC systems and sustainable energy and waste solutions

General Skills and qualifications

• Must be an autonomous self-starter, who works well within a team and has a positive attitude. Team input and providing and receiving feedback are important linchpins.

• Is a creative thinker, results oriented and attentive to detail and accuracy.

• Must have the ability to prioritize, multi-task while still meet deadlines.

• Is sharp, quick, dedicated and an innovative problem solver.

• Has continuous self-improvement as a core value.

• Must be organized, detail oriented, and able to think designs through completely.

• Must have strong problem solving skills, is a hands-on individual with prudence.

• Has general computer literacy such as MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook).

• Has excellent written and oral communication skills in English.

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Production Systems Software Developer

Job description

Protix R&D is hiring a software developer with experience in implementing applications for end users; ideally in production settings. R&D has developed a large body of analytics software to assist in the growing of insects and flow management of the production process. You will be responsible for realizing the benefits of the existing and new analytics software in a production-facing software. You will also assist in quick prototyping to accelerate R&D activities. This role is likely to quickly expand to managing a team as the body of code for the applications products grows. As such, from the beginning you are expected to take a strong role in guiding the vision Protix software. Your work will contribute directly to the scaling of sustainable insect nutrient recovery from food waste by making the techniques of efficient production available to more producers.

Minimum experience / education qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent level in a related field
  • Knowledge of programming control systems languages such as .Net and C#
  • Experience in integrating software systems to hardware
  • Experience with process control systems
  • Experience leading a software development project which delivered to end users
  • Knowledge of SQL/PostgreSQL
  • Experience with Python is a plus
  • Experience in implementing analytics solutions in user-facing applications is a plus
  • Experience in visual imaging is a plus
  • Affinity with IT and Ethernet networks


General Skills and qualifications

  • A genuine interest in nature and technology
  • No nine-to-five mentality
  • Planning and organization skills to be able run and monitor the production process
  • The ability to act decisively and solve issues quickly in a multi-disciplinary setting
  • The ability to communicate clearly and persuasively with your team, managers and clients
  • The ability to work under pressure and motivate others to meet tight deadlines
  • Fluent in English

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Job description

Protix R&D takes open applications from entomology experts interested in uncovering drivers of insect behaviour and growth and translating these with the R&D team into solutions for production and engineering. If a position is not available immediately, we will keep your application on file for later consideration.

 Applicants should be prepared to describe in detail work they have done to resolve issues in insect production or to uncover drivers of insect behaviour. Acceptable forms of description might be discussing published research results or providing a case study from their production experience.

Minimum experience / education qualifications

• Experience growing insects

• Background in entomology

General skill and qualifications

• A genuine interest in nature and technology

• Demonstrated ability to resolve issues that arise in insect production or uncover drivers of insect behaviour.

• Willingness to travel a few times a year.

• The working language in Protix R&D is English and this position is open to non-EU citizens with qualifying skills.

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Operator (NL)

Algemene beschrijving

Voor onze productielocatie in Dongen zijn we op zoek naar een operator. In Dongen wordt sinds 2015 waardevolle nutriënten terug gewonnen uit laagwaardige stromen afkomstig uit de voedselindustrie. Hiervoor worden insecten gebruikt. Gezien het vernieuwende karakter en dat de locatie nog niet op 100% van zijn capaciteit draait, wordt er een hoge mate van flexibiliteit verwacht van de medewerker. Het huidige ploegensysteem is gebaseerd op 2 ploegendienst maar aanwezigheid in het weekend is integraal onderdeel van het rooster. Ook zal het rooster worden uitgebreid in toekomst.

Streven van de positie:

Het kweken van insecten en verwerken van eiwitten en vetten uit insecten

volgens opgestelde protocollen tot hoogwaardige eindproducten. De voortgang en afwijkingen van dit productieproces communiceren met het productieteam en de leidinggevende. Daarnaast gevraagd en ongevraagd met verbetervoorstellen komen en actief deelnemen aan meetings.

Opleiding en ervaring:

• Vapro A of B / MBO niveau 2 of 3

• Heeft kennis van procestechnologie, microbiologie en automatisering

• Ervaring met GMP+, FSSC22000 of andere kwaliteits systemen


• Zeker mate van zelfstandigheid.

• Is communicatief vaardig en samenwerkingsgericht.

• Is stressbestendig en heeft verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel.

• Is zorgvuldig en resultaatgericht.

• Technisch gevoel en inzicht.

• Analytisch vermogen.

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Sensory Analysis Development Internship

Description: Sensory Analysis Development Internship
Do you also believe in a future where both man and nature can thrive together? Where we can feed ourselves without depleting nature? Then you are the perfect match to join us in accelerating the transition to a food system in balance with nature. We are looking for a talented student who want to contribute in this ‘ento-revolution’.

About Protix
Protix is a global leader in production of quality insect ingredients for petfood and animal feed applications. In addition to manufacturing ingredients aligned with quality and safety certifications (such as GMP+), Protix takes additional steps to ensure that our products consistently have the sensory characteristics that are important for our customers.

Job description
Protix is seeking a bachelor’s or master’s student for a thesis project or internship to work with our quality assurance and product development teams to expand our sensory quality control systems. Sensory evaluation is a scientific discipline that analyses and measures human responses to the quality of food products, e.g. appearance, touch, odour, texture, temperature and taste.

Internship objectives
– Study the product quality characteristics.
– Identify sensory parameters.
– Define these parameters and setting critical limits.
– Developing sensory analysis strategy (and required documentation).
– Finally, successfully implement the improved system.

Education qualifications/requirements
– Bachelor’s or master’s degree student in food/feed technology (or related field).
– Available for 40 hours/week for at least 4 to 6 months (from 1 September or later).
– The internship is based at the production site located at Dongen, Netherlands. The intern will travel to this location on daily basis using public/self-transportation.
– Excellent knowledge of English. Knowledge of Dutch could be an asset.

– This is an unpaid internship.
– Travel reimbursements will be provided according to company policy.

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