Yora & Protix:

Exciting pet parents together

Yora’s mission is to make pet food more sustainable and preserve the planet. Using black soldier fly larvae as the sole source for its protein, Yora produces premium pet food of unparalleled quality and palatability with a lower footprint.

Yora wants to remain at the leading edge of innovative pet food. The brand is working with Protix to deliver a broad insect-based line-up that is tasty, nutritious, and that has a low environmental footprint. Together they conduct scientific studies to further unleash the positive benefits of insect ingredients.

Market challenges: scientific data

Switching to a new pet food is a big decision. Steps are needed to make the transition smooth and stress-free for both pets and their owners. Cats in particular are notoriously picky eaters and must be guided through the transition process. Outstanding palatability and nutritional value are essential, as is consumer education.

The solution: conduct studies together

Knowing that consumers rank scientific data even higher than veterinary endorsements, Yora and Protix are involved in joint studies to back the positive benefits of insect protein.  Both companies share the conviction that we need to do more research and carry out more studies to collate supporting scientific data.

The benefits: goodness for pets & the planet

  • Tasty & nutritious pet food. Yora’s range of dry and wet pet food products and treats are naturally nutritious and rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and have a low footprint.
  • Scientifically proven. Yora’s pet food is well-accepted by pet parents, also because of the scientific research Protix and Yora are conducting.
  • Kind to the planet. Yora products have a low footprint, do not pollute the waterways, and do not cause deforestation.


“Protix keeps us ahead of the curve and is a true partner in realising our mission.”
– James Milbourne, Managing Director at Yora.