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Protix is the world leader in insect ingredients. We believe that feeding the growing world population should go hand in hand with protecting our beautiful planet. A huge challenge! Fortunately, the solution lies in nature itself: insects provide low-footprint proteins and other nutrients that can be processed into more sustainable feed and food.

Since 2009, we have been perfecting the insect ingredients that help feed and food manufacturers bring healthy and sustainable nutrition to the world. This is our call to all caring heroes, game-changers and innovators: join our mission to bring the food system back into balance with nature.

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Low-footprint ingredients

Why do we love insect ingredients? Because they’re the answer to many of the problems the world is facing today.

Insect ingredients have a lower footprint than many of the ingredients commonly used in feed and food. Our insects need very little room to grow, making for far less land use than traditional ingredients. They also need less water and have lower CO₂ emissions. Plus… insects are nature’s greatest ‘upcyclers’ and thus a natural solution to the huge problem of food waste.

Insect ingredients also happen to be highly nutritious. They are packed with goodness, as our cats, dogs, chickens, and other animals who naturally catch and devour them already know. Incorporating them into feed and pet food allows for healthy, more sustainable nutrition.

What we do for our planet