Working together for a resilient crop

In the field of horticulture, consultant Theo van der Knaap is a pioneer in ‘nature inclusive’ crop cultivation. He integrates natural principles into his recommendations, resulting in more resilient crops. Through his approach, harmful chemical fertilisers and pesticides can be gradually phased out.

A key element of his cultivation programme is insect frass from Protix, called Flytilizer®. This chitin-rich fertiliser offsets the important, partially lost, sources of nutrition found in the soil that insects are. Flytilizer promotes soil life, and so boosts the crop development and yield.

Market challenges: diminishing soil life

The negative effects of pesticides and chemical fertilisers on soil life are becoming increasingly apparent. Yet rich soil life is crucial for strong, resilient plants. A healthy breeding ground for healthy crops is created only once all organisms are in balance in the soil.


The solution: return insects to the soil

A rich soil life can be achieved through an integral programme such as ‘Nature Inclusive Crop Cultivation’. This involves gradually enriching soil life, and eliminating chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Insects occur naturally in soil. Protix and Van der Knaap Ecoconsultancy are bringing insect frass to the soil with Flytilizer, the organic fertiliser made from insect frass.


The benefits: good for plants and good for the planet

  • Resilient plants. Several tests demonstrate that Flytilizer enriches soil life, resulting in strong and healthy crops.
  • Natural. Insects form an integral part of the cycle. They support a natural method of cultivation.
  • Sustainable. Insect frass is a by-product of the (sustainable) production system used for creating insect-based ingredients.
  • Healthy. Wholesome, healthily cultivated crops are more nutritious, and further support a healthy individual.


“Protix is technologically the most advanced partner in insect-based fertiliser for us.”
– Theo van der Knaap, Owner Van der Knaap Ecoconsultancy