Ward van Os - Nutritionist at Trovet

“Insects are a particular interest of mine: before I started working for Trovet I did research on the perfect feed for insects; now, with Trovet and Protix, I’m working on the perfect food made from insects.

Our Challenge

As a nutritionist, my main concern is formulating veterinary pet foods, and expanding our knowledge about new, innovative ingredients and their effects on animals. We want to make affordable and effective foods for dogs and cats that have certain conditions or illnesses, like food allergies. Of course, sustainability plays an increasingly larger role in the pet food industry. Our challenge was finding an ingredient that fits our goals.

Creating hypoallergenic pet food

I first heard about Protix at the Interzoo Trade Fair in 2014, where Jonker Petfood displayed their insect-based pet food. I showed my interest and a year and a half later, Trovet introduced its first pet food based on insects.

Insects are the most exclusive, most exotic source of animal protein. The more exotic a protein, the smaller the chance of an animal having an allergic reaction to it.

Insects have another great feature: they contain special fatty acids that are beneficial to intestinal health. A nice bonus, although the main appeal for us is the fact that insect-based pet food is hypoallergenic and a good protein source for pets with common food allergies.

Working with Protix

As we developed our range of insect-based food, we worked closely together with Protix. I’ve visited many production companies, but I have never seen anything like the Protix factory. It’s hygienic and high-tech, and the most streamlined factory I ever visited. We collaborated on everything, from writing the texts to hosting the product launch – which was held in the factory itself. I’m proud that we managed to make a product that is sustainable and is made with a great source of protein – and hope Protix will continue to innovate and find ways to become even more sustainable.