Oceanloop & Protix:

Sustainable feed for land-based shrimp

Land-based shrimp farming is a relatively new industry which aims at creating a lower environmental footprint for shrimp than conventional farms. This green innovation requires its own shrimp feed that performs not only in terms of animal health, growth and welfare, but also has a low footprint. Oceanloop, Protix and other parties joined forces to create a high-performing feed to meet this multiple demands.

The challenge: high-performing, low-footprint feed

Sustainable shrimp is hugely important for retailers, and increasingly for consumers who want to see shrimp and fish with a low environmental footprint on their plates. To meet this market demand, Oceanloop specialises in land-based shrimp farming which, being locally produced, also has the benefit of being very fresh.


The solution: jointly develop a local and circular feed

Together, Oceanloop and Protix addressed the challenge by developing a new sustainable feed exclusively for land-based shrimp. The new feed replaces marine proteins with locally sourced insect protein from a circular process. The product is not only more sustainable and fresher, initial research also shows a significant improvement in shrimp growth and survival rates.


The benefits: fresh, environmentally-friendly and healthy

  • Sustainability. Sustainability goals are supported since feed is produced using locally sourced ingredients close to where it is needed.
  • Quality & freshness. The short transport times of insect ingredients eliminate issues such as feed deterioration and loss of freshness due to the long shipping and storage.
  • Health. Tasty insect-based feed has brought a significant improvement in the growth and survival rate of shrimp farmed on land: they thrive on the new product.
“Protix’s products are locally produced in a circular process, which supports our dream of local farming with a low footprint.”
– Dr Bert Wecker, Co-CEO and CTO at Oceanloop.