Solving pet problems the natural way

The mission of Marsapet, an international pet food manufacturer, is to provide pets with high-quality nutrition that’s naturally good for them. The company carefully selected Protix as their ingredient supplier. Among the reasons is the shared belief that nutrition in harmony with nature offers the very best for pets and their owners.

Market challenges: an increase in ‘problem’ pets

Pet owners are increasingly alert to issues, resulting in more dogs and cats being perceived as having some form of ‘problem’. The challenge for Marsapet is to respond quickly with effective solutions that address these complaints, and are at the same time nutritious and tasty.


The solution: a natural insect-based diet

Together, Marsapet and Protix have found that a healthy diet can play an important role in many of the ‘complaints’ reported by pet owners. For example, incorporating insect ingredients into pet food can be beneficial for dogs with skin issues caused by Leishmaniasis. The ingredients have also proven effective for dogs with allergies.


The benefits

  • Tasty. The insect ingredients from Protix smell appetising (even to humans!) and are extremely tasty.
  • Full of goodness. Insect-based ingredients are a superior source of protein, and are rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
  • Grain-free end-product. Marsapet’s insect-based products are 100% free from grains, thus eradicating the associated problems of skin irritation, loose stools and various infections.


“Protix has the best quality insect ingredients and also lots of new ideas to address evolving market needs.”
– Marcel Hoffmann, CEO at Marsapet