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Canine oral health

Time to smile - with a new Protix white paper on improving bad breath in dogs!

The new Protix white paper shows black soldier fly ingredients could result in sweeter-smelling canine breath. Great news for dog lovers about to get a sloppy kiss from their pooch! 😘🐶

Even better. Bad breath often goes paw-in-paw with gum disease. Protix ProteinX helps to reduce the bacteria responsible to produce the volatile sulphur compounds that aggravate periodontal disease. So switching to insects not only does dog owners a favour, it can boost pet health too. 🦟💪

The white paper is based on a new study from the Federal University of Paraiba (UFBP) in Brazil. It opens up new opportunities for pet food manufacturers across a number of products, including dog treats and dry and wet food. 📰🐾

Read the press release here and get your copy of the white paper.

Press release

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