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Protix awarded the 2018 Grand Prize in sustainability

Today, our mission and our efforts have been validated in a huge way: we were just announced as the grand prize winner of the 2018 Katerva Award.

We started Protix with the conviction that insects can play a critical role in providing safe, healthy and sustainable proteins for a growing global population.

The Katerva Award has been called “the Nobel Prize for Sustainability” with a review process that includes approximately 600 natural scientists, social scientists, executives, consultants, policy experts, and sustainability experts.  It is an amazing recognition to be among previous winners like The Ocean Cleanup, The Khan Academy and Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE). We are inspired and deeply grateful for their support.

Insects offer an entirely new opportunity as a part of our global feed and food supply. Limitations in production and in imagination kept them from becoming a realistic source of nutrients for centuries, but new technologies and commercial advances make insects an increasingly viable and attractive part of our food system and nutritional future. Indeed, insect-based ingredients advance several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: ending hunger, improving human health, building sustainable cities and communities, consuming responsibly, acting on climate change, supporting life below water, and partnering broadly to support sustainable development.

The Katerva Award both validates our convictions and recognizes our progress toward a food system in balance with nature and its resources. Protix is the first company to farm healthy, full-grown salmon with only insect-based protein feed. Our “Oerei” chicken eggs, raised exclusively on soy-free insect-based feed, are now available in Dutch supermarkets, and Protix is growing with the development of new products and production and distribution in 12 countries.

Why do we feel it is so meaningful? Katerva identifies 4 levels of impact:

  • Level 1 (incremental): Incremental or small, progressive improvements to existing products
  • Level 2 (re-design or ‘green limits’): Major re-design of existing products (but limited the level of improvement that is technically feasible).
  • Level 3 (functional or ‘product alternatives’): New product or service concepts to satisfy the same functional need e.g. teleconferencing as an alternative to travel
  • Level 4 (systems): Design for a sustainable society

To win the grand prize one should tick all four levels and we are surely proud of that recognition. Our relentless focus on making innovation reality is what this award is all about and what we at Protix live and pioneer for. We care about our planet and through daily pioneering we aim to excite our customers with insect based ingredients. We aim to excite all of our customers with real, natural and sustainable food by addressing the real issue head on, the primary source of proteins and the way it is produced. Insects are a true means to shift towards a sustainable food system in balance with Nature and our objective is to play a meaningful part in realizing that future.

None of our success – or the recognition it has earned us – would be possible without our extraordinary Protix team and our investors, partners, advisors, and friends who are part of our Protix family. This honor encourages us to continue our work to reduce food loss, balance food consumption with our natural resources, and ultimately contribute to a healthier, more livable planet.


The Protix team.


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