Insects back on the menu of our chicken!

Sustainability is a means, not an end. The goal is a world with endless perspectives where we can all live a happy and rich life. Although we are not moving in that direction now, we will get there through sustainable solutions, actions and regulations.

One of the most important solutions is that of our food. Every day we eat and drink. Proteins are an important nutrient in our food. Proteins are building blocks for our muscles, health and immune system. Worldwide, proteins are produced by growing crops, keeping animals, and catching fish. But this is becoming increasingly difficult. The oceans are being overfished and the lands on which we grow crops are becoming depleted.  At the same time, we should give land back to nature and fish less so that biodiversity can increase rather than decrease. In other words, we should be more in balance with nature. How can we achieve that?

Read this article by Kees Aarts.

Article Kees Aarts