EFSA approval

📢 Protix welcomes the publication of European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) opinion on the safety of Locusta migratoria (grasshopper) for human consumption. EFSA concluded that this novel food is safe for human consumption. This indicates its alignment with the requirements and thorough assessment procedures, defined by the European Union (EU) legislation on novel foods (Regulation (EU) 2015/2283).

Protix excites customers with insects. We want to grow the confidence in the food chain and pave the way for tasty and convenient foods created with insect ingredients. This positive opinion is an important step to help the growth of this industry and to meet today’s crucial challenges of diminishing resources with a growing population. Insects provide a promising ingredient to achieving a circular food system in balance with nature. 🌎

👉 After authorising insect proteins to feed farmed fish, and recently also poultry and pigs, this notice reinforces market expectations for the insect industry. This second positive EFSA opinion on insects as novel food is another important milestone towards the wider EU commercialisation of insects as food. This will help the progress of the outstanding insect novel food applications.

This is the first of several novel food dossiers that Protix is working on.
– Stay tuned-