Our people, our team and our shareholders

We believe in our people and therefore they are all shareholders in Protix.

All the results so far are an outcome of years of work and relentless effort of our people. What started with an idea on the beach grew from a founder’s team into a strong, diverse and talented team of motivated people driven by their care for mother Earth. Each one of our employees work their part on bringing our food system back in balance with Nature through the performance of our company. That’s why we made them all shareholders in our future.

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Product R&D Director
Aman Paul

Be like a postage stamp. Stick to a thing till you get there. - Josh Billings

Insect Caretaker
Amber van Beek
Insect Caretaker
Anas Shoureh
Safety Health Environment and Quality Manager
Angelique Schuermans
R&D Scientist
Anne Jacobs

A good cake is good for team bond.

Maintenance & Service Officer
Antoine Serriere
HR manager
Babet Mulder
Team leader production
Bart Meesters
Chief Operations Officer
Bas Jürgens

Operations is everything

Process Operator
Bas van der Heijden
Director of Business Development
Bon Tjeenk Willink
Project Engineer
Corné Simons
Production Manager
Daan Biemans
Marketing and Communication Specialist
Denise van Kollenburg
Process Operator
Diederik Pas
Director of R&D
Eric Schmitt

Make it nice, don't make it twice

Executive Assistant and Communication Manager
Evelien Starmans
Fabrizzio de Mol
Process Operator
Fons Jonkers

Contribute to sustainability.

Prototype Engineer
Henri Schol
Design Engineer
Huub Hulsebos
Project Manager
Jac Gillis
Technical Team Lead
Jaco Jansen
Insect Caretaker
Jurgen Wijnings
Insect Caretaker
Jursley Dorand
Insect Caretaker
Karin van Hoof
Brand Manager
Kee Huidekoper
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder
Kees Aarts

Evolve daily and work hard

Operational Support Officer
Lara Notten
Legal Director
Léon Kaiser
Insect Caretaker
Lisa van Heumen
Creative Sales Manager
Leon Luyben
R&D Scientist
Lotte Joosten

Meten is Weten.

Project Manager
Luc de Wolf
Process Operator
Maikel Roks
Manager FAIR Insects
Malgorzata Fijalkowsa
Service Mechanical Engineer
Marcel Blommaert
Assistant Insect Caretaker
Mariska Kooijman
Engineering Manager
Maurits Jansen
Financial Controller
Mehdi Amirian
Rearing Expert/Operator
Mostafa Yacubi
Project Manager
Peter Paul Aarts

Pass the world on to the youth

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Expert
Priyanka Malik
Rearing Expert
Ramon Wijts
Breed Expert
Raymond Leushuis
Sales Director
Roel Boersma
Seyed Ali Hosseini
Lead Business Intelligence Software Developer
Steven Case
Director Capital Projects
Stijn Harms
Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder
Tarique Arsiwalla
Process Operator
Theo Pot
Junior Sales Manager Fertilizer Retail
Thijs Kapteijns
Chief Financial Officer
Tiemen Dalhuisen
System Engineer
Vincent de Gelder
R&D Scientist
Ward Tollenaar
Service Automation Engineer
Wesley Poppelier
Design Engineer
Willemijn Lever
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