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The leading insect company

Protix is the world leader in insect ingredients. We believe that feeding the growing world population should go hand in hand with protecting our beautiful planet. A huge challenge! Fortunately, the solution lies in nature itself: insects provide low-footprint proteins and other nutrients that can be processed into more sustainable feed and food.

Since 2008, we have been perfecting the insect ingredients that help feed and food manufacturers bring healthy and sustainable nutrition to the world. This is our call to all caring heroes, game-changers and innovators: join our mission to bring the food system back into balance with nature.

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Farming insects for our planet

Our insects can turn low-grade food waste into body mass quickly and sustainably. They need very little room to grow, making for a far smaller carbon footprint than alternative sources of protein. And even though the scale of production is industrial, we are still insect farmers at heart: we pay close attention to the wellbeing of our delicate larvae.

What we do for our planet


The Protix journey

It has been our life mission since 2009 to bring the food system back in balance with nature. We will do this by continuously looking for better solutions on both product and production technology. Of course, none of this could happen without a strong and driven team, who all share the same values and goals. The driving force behind Protix!

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