Executive team

Our leadership is one of highly motivated people with a unique drive to excite our customers with our sustainable ingredients.
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder
Kees Aarts

Evolve daily and work hard

Chief Financial Officer
Marcel Luijten
Chief Operations Officer
Bas Jürgens

Operations is everything

Director Engineering & Projects
Stijn Harms
Director of R&D
Eric Schmitt

Make it nice, don't make it twice

Our people

Supervisory Board

Our Supervisory board consists of 5 key leaders in agrifood and asset-heavy portfolio management. We meet 5 times a year to discuss the long-term future of our planet and how we as a company can make significant impact.
Partner Roland Berger Consumer Good & Retail
Alexander Belderok (chair)
Alexander Belderok joined Roland Berger in 2006 and now heads the Consumer Goods & Retail Global Competence Center. Alexander concentrates on reinforcing the competitive positions of agribusiness, consumer goods, retail, biotech and pharma, food ingredients, and specialty chemicals companies. He provides support in restructuring, strategy development, and business model innovation. Alexander's main interests are in business model innovation and industry change. He is adept at working with all levels of an organization, from the board of directors to the factory floor. His creative solutions to the issues faced by his clients are complemented by efficient, effective implementation. Alexander feels at home in a wide range of industries. He eagerly takes on projects with complex, multifaceted questions, large numbers of stakeholders and operations spread across several countries. Alexander studied Mechanical Engineering and Business at the University of Twente and received his MBA from TSM Business School. He began his career at Unilever and has worked at Roland Berger since 2006. In 2008, Alexander co-wrote the book Operations Excellence. He is an ambassador for the University of Twente and a board member of the innovative children's hospital De Boeg.
Partner Sequa and Darel
Jelte Bosma
Jelte has an innovative mindset and he is quick to identify and promote useful synergies & connections. Using his ability to simplify complexity, he is a strong communicator, a good conversationalist and presenter and naturally has a passion for education. He finds satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal. Jelte is known for his natural leadership style and success in driving a new vision, driving change and motivating large organisations. Jelte has 29 years of experience in the international oil & gas industry. He held leadership positions in Petroleum Engineering, regional asset development, business development, and M&A. In these positions, he was responsible for the delivery of a multitude of asset development concepts, bringing complex multi-billion dollar projects to successful investment decisions, and successfully refocussing large organisations to improved reservoir management, and production optimisation.
CTO Bühler group
Ian Roberts
Ian Roberts graduated in Chemical Engineering and obtained a PhD in Process Engineering from the University of Wales (Great Britain). From 1997 to 2009, he held various management positions at Nestlé, acting among other positions as internal management consultant at Swiss headquarters, as Director of Innovation for Nestlé Mexico, and as Director of the Chocolate Centre of Excellence in Switzerland. He has been Chief Technology Officer at Bühler since 2011. Furthermore, he is a board member of the academic institutions Wyss Institute and IFNC-EPFL. Ian Roberts was awarded European CTO of the Year 2016 and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers. Ian Roberts was born in 1970 and is British.
COO Biobest
Karel Bolckmans
“Biologische bestrijding en duurzaamheid is mijn passie. Het was een boeiende ervaring om een tijdlang te kunnen werken in de waardeketen die hoogwaardig fruit tot bij de consument brengt. Toch ben ik zeer blij om nu terug te keren naar de biologische bestrijding en bestuiving. Biobest heeft bijna dertig jaar ervaring in deze industrie en groeide uit tot een belangrijke wereldspeler. Het bedrijf heeft een sterk team, een breed productgamma, is erop gericht telers betrouwbaar advies te verstrekken en heeft bovendien stabiele aandeelhouders met de juiste visie. Er werd stevig geïnvesteerd in innovatie met als resultaat een goedgevulde pijplijn met nieuwe producten en technologieën. Biobest heeft erg veel groeipotentieel en ik wil volop meewerken om dat potentiëel ten volle te realiseren.”
Founder Aquaspark, investor
Mike Velings
A lifelong entrepreneur, Mike has spent decades jumpstarting a range of successful businesses. Among other ventures, he co-founded Connexie, which has helped catalyze a professional employment industry across the Netherlands. In addition, as a very active investor, he has helped build tens of different companies in a vast array of sectors, from software to fintech to organic farming. He believes in the potential for business to create durable solutions to complex world problems. In 2011 he started dreaming up a way to transform the aquaculture industry through the right type of investment and in 2014 Mike officially launched Aqua-Spark, the first fund dedicated to sustainable aquaculture. With Aqua-Spark Mike sits on the Boards of Calysta, Proteon, Protix, Sogn Aqua, Chicoa, Indian Ocean Trepang and Cryoocyte, where his focus is growth, strategy, and furthering sustainability.