A healthy and sustainable source of energy for many animals. LipidX™ is a great ingredient for functional diets targeting gut health.

Protix LipidX™ is a purified insect lipid which provides a quick source of energy due to high levels of easiliy digestible medium-chain fatty acids. Amongst others, Protix LipidX™ contains 40% lauric acid, which is known for its antimicrobial properties in the digestive tract. A healthy gut means a stronger immune system.

Protix LipidX™ is an especially valuable energy source for younger animals that suffer from digestive problems and have impaired nutrient absoption. The animals grow healthy while the industry reduces its ecologicial footprint.

  • High in lauric acid (40%)
  • Easily digestible
  • Quick energy source
  • Antimicrobial properties of lauric acid
  • Other functional characteristics (upon request)

LipidX™ is produced from a patented extraction process that does not require any artificial solvents nor uses techniques that may create heat- or pressure damage to the desired characteristics. Thanks to the purification technology applied, LipidX™ is guaranteed to be free from proteins and falls within EU legislation for use in feed formulations of all farmed animals as well as pet food applications.

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