Harnessing insects to solve the protein challenge

In 2040, the world will have to feed nine billion people. All of them will need protein to be healthy – but the way protein is produced now lays a heavy burden on the world’s limited resources. Overfishing; burning the amazon forests for agriculture; and transportation of proteins all across the world are causing massive changes to the world we need to live in. Feeding the growing world population can rightfully be called a challenge.

Of the total fish caught, no less than a third is used as animal feed, adding not only to the imbalance in the oceans but also depriving local communities of their livelihood. Imported soy from South-America is used to feed our livestock – pumping large amounts of greenhouse gases into the air and threatening wildlife through invasion of their habitats.
Could insects be the answer to the protein challenge? Our larvae take low-grade food waste and turn it into high-end protein and fat. All in a matter of weeks and using little space. Their proteins can be used as an alternative to fish- and soy meal, and help us begin to create a better food system with less pressure on ecosystems.