Insects are the most formidable force of nature. They are our greatest upcycler: they thrive on organic waste and can supply mankind with a much needed new source of high quality protein, lipids and micro-nutrients. At Protix we therefore take good care of our insects, and make sure their welfare is our priority. For this, we adhere to the following five principles:

Maintain integrity and health

At Protix, we stick to the precautionary principle: we take great care to maintain the integrity and health of an insect where reasonable. The larvae are, after all, an integral part of our company and our solution for a sustainable food system.

Create an optimal climate

The Black Soldier Flies – the heroes of Protix – originate from the subtropics. They would not thrive in the climate in the Netherlands – far too cold!

Climate is, however, a crucial factor in the procreation and growth of our insects. That is why we make sure the climate in our factory is similar to that of our larvaes’ ideal habitat. This way, we provide them with freedom from discomfort, and the ability to express their natural behavior.

High-quality feed

Insects are the best at turning organic waste into body mass – but of course, the best food breeds the best insects. We make sure that the organic by-products we feed our insects are plant-based and of a high quality.

Our production facility is certified by GMP+: Good Manufacturing Process. This means we reach the standards set to guarantee safe feed. Our sensory technology allows us to ensure the insects always get what they need: not too much food, not too little – just like humans.

Swift processing

When our larvae are fully grown, it is time to process them into our high-quality ProteinX, LipidX and micro-nutrients. Our production process is a circular system, in which we make sure to waste nothing.

When the process reaches this point, we make sure it happens in a fraction of a second. This way, we reduce potential suffering to an absolute minimum.

A bit of love and tenderness

Even though we run an industrial level processing facility – we are insect farmers first. We understand that we work with precious and delicate animals.

From the breeding stage to the final stage of processing, we always pay close personal attention to the wellbeing of our insects. When they are happy, we are happy!