Insects are nature’s most nutritional source of nutrients for nearly all animals.

Insects are nature’s most nutritional source of nutrients for nearly all animals. At Protix we’ve developed a wide range of products for application in various markets and are currently producing them at large scale in our new state of the art facility in the Netherlands.

Our products have been developed with the highest regard for animal welfare, product quality and safety. Protix has initiated and serves as a founding board member for the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed (IPIFF) to ensure good legislation is developed regarding safe and qualitative production of insects and derived products.

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All Protix ingredients meet the following quality standards:

Protix Protein X

Protix Protein X is ideally suited for pet food applications because of its freshness, high palatability and digestibility, functional properties and structure-forming capabilities when using extrusion technologies. This high quality protein can be used as the sole protein source in pet food applications. It is also suited for hypoallergenic applications in pet foods for animals with common food related allergies.

Protix Lipid X

Our Protix Lipid X is ideally suited for livestock feed, pet food and emerging alternative applications. Its unique fatty acid composition makes it a great sustainable alternative to currently used vegetable oils and animal fats. The high proportion of medium chain fatty acids naturally present in Lipid X provides an easily digestible source of energy and contains antimicrobial properties, which is especially important for young animals experiencing stress, such as weaning piglets and young fish. Lipid X is an ultra fresh and purified insect oil.

Protix Flytilizer X

The organic soil improver developed by Protix is a new type of fertilizer that comes from the insect breeding industry. Flytilizer X is naturally rich in minerals, high in organic matter and contains chitin which helps to restore the natural balance in the soil. Chitin is an important building block of insect exoskeletons, and it is an essential part of insect defence system against fungi and parasites. Several studies observed similar beneficial effects of chitin in crops.

Protix Chitin X

Protix has developed a Chitin X range; chitin rich powders with different purity levels depending on the processing technique and the desired application. Chitin is considered a very interesting basis, not only for derivatives like chitosan, but also in material applications (Protix is part of the Chitotex consortium with Fraunhofer Institut) and premixes for animal feed.